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Beer brewing kits to brew beer yourself

Start your own small private brewery at home with your beer brewing kit. The packages are perfect to start for any beer lover in the art of brewing, but also advanced bre wers will get their money's worth. The beer brewing kit contains everything you need to brew in your home brewery. From mashing to fermentation, you perform every step yourself and create your very own beer. Depending on how many liters you want to brew and which steps you actually want to perform yourself, you will also find the right beer brewing kit for you.
Start your own small private brewery at home with your beer brewing kit . The packages are perfect to start for any beer lover in the art of brewing, but also advanced bre wers will get their... read more »
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Beer brewing kits to brew beer yourself
Start your own small private brewery at home with your beer brewing kit. The packages are perfect to start for any beer lover in the art of brewing, but also advanced bre wers will get their money's worth. The beer brewing kit contains everything you need to brew in your home brewery. From mashing to fermentation, you perform every step yourself and create your very own beer. Depending on how many liters you want to brew and which steps you actually want to perform yourself, you will also find the right beer brewing kit for you.
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With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can help you master your favorite beer style in no time. And if you need advice or help, we are at your disposal with our free tutorials and a comprehensive book on beer brewing {Hier klicken und gratis downloaden}


Beer brewing kits for everyone

To brew your own beer, you'll find all the tools you need in every beer brewing kit. Choose from one of a total of 8 different beer brewing sets according to your preference. From brewing kegs to yeast and all other necessary ingredients, you will find everything you need to brew beer: Would you like to accompany the beer through the complete creation process, you will find in our store a beer brewing set that provides you with all the necessary utensils and ingredients. In our most comprehensive beer brewing set is even a 2000 watt brewing system included - for the true brewmasters.


However, if you would like to save some time at one point or another, we also offer beer brewing sets with malt extract. Brewing beer with malt extract saves you the time-consuming step of mashing. 

For your very individual brewing experience, choose the beer brewing set with the composition that suits you best. Matching your beer brewing set is of course a detailed guide to brewing beer included. A detailed overview of the contents of the beer brewing kits with brewing malt can be found in our Table of beer brewing sets.


The Beer Brewing Kit Guide

Once you've got started, it's easy to expand your beer brewing kit. By default, the beer brewing kit for beginners includes a 30 liter fermentation bucket, with this size you can brew 20 liters of beer at once. If you find that your beer is well received by your friends, you may need to brew in larger quantities and require a larger brew bucket. Or you notice after the first attempts at extract brewing that you would like to mash and purify your beer yourself, complete your beer brewing set freely according to your ideas. Other products from our store can also be easily added to your beer brewing set.

Once the first liters are brewed and the result tastes good, add a capping system for your own bottles from our store to your brewery.

How to make your own beer

In addition to the right tools, you also choose your own ingredients. Choose your own malt package and brew your favorite beer. From Pils or wheat to Kölsch or Alt , the beer lover will find everything his heart desires. Even with a beer brewing kit with malt extract, you have the choice between different varieties. Give your beer a personal touch and create your individual variety.

You always wanted to brew your own beer? Do not wait any longer to open your brewery. Whether as a gift or a personal project, with a beer brewing kit you will learn close to the craft everything about beer and the art of brewing. Enjoy your own beer as fresh as it can be.

Beer brewing set gift - Who is happy about a beer brewing set?

Would you like to brew your own beer one day or give a beer brewing kit as a gift? To brew your own beer, you don't have to be a studied brewmaster. You can even brew it in your own kitchen. What you need in any case is a good brewing kit - and of course fun, love for beer and the necessary bit of patience (brewing beer takes time). 

A good brewing kit for your own beer already contains all the accessories you need to start brewing right away. Since we know what hobby brewers need, we carry sets for every requirement. This makes brewing beer a pleasure: for the beginner, the experienced hobby brewer with his own recipes or the professional hobby brewmaster. 

With fermentation bucket, brewing paddle, mash thermometer, ingredients and much more, you can either try one of our ready-made recipes (with guaranteed success) or try your hand at your own beer recipes (your own home mix). A good beer brewing set can be expanded with accessories such as a fermenter, lauter screen or beer spindle. For each beer set you can choose a mash mix of your choice or buy as many as you like. Or a set of beer glasses as required and your preferred hop varieties, the right type of malt and top-fermented or bottom-fermented yeasts. Want an extra craft beer set? All our beer sets are also Craft Beer Sets. And in our store you will find all the craft beer ingredients that the international beer market has to offer.

Not only beer fans are happy about a really good beer brewing set. Of course, anyone who enjoys drinking beer will surely dream of brewing their own beer one day. Just the way you like it. Brewing beer is creative and simply something very special. Hardly any gift is as perfect for beer lovers, hobby cooks or ambitious grill masters as a set for brewing your own beer. With the right beer set, whether for the beginner or for the advanced hobby brewer, you, your friends or family members will quickly become master brewers. The home brewed is also itself a wonderfully personal souvenir or gift. 


The beer brewing set is ideal as a gift for Father's Day, for a bachelor or girls' night out, for a summer party or as a fancy gift for a winter barbecue.

Is the beer brewing kit suitable for beginners?

No prior knowledge is required for brewing with our beer brewing kits. You can start brewing immediately, even as a beginner. You can brew your own beer in your own kitchen, garage, hobby cellar or garden shed. The brewing sets from Gastro Brennecke are also suitable as a Craft Beer Set. We recommend that you first buy a starter beer set. This can be our beer brewing set SMALL or the beer brewing set MEDIUM. These sets contain everything you need for brewing beer. Of course, you can add to your brewing kit as needed if you find that you can't get enough of brewing  over time. All brewing kits come with a ready-made mash mix of your choice. So you can't go wrong and your first homebrew will taste great no matter what. Maybe you want to start brewing a tangy and fruity summer wheat right away? Or do you prefer dark and strong malted beers like our popular Hobbybrauer Dunkel or an aromatic Irish Stout? In the store, you'll find the complete recipes and ready-to-sell blends for brewing. 

Is the brewing kit reusable?

You can reuse all beer brewing kits from Gastro Brennecke. All brewing sets are professional and very high quality equipment, with which you can brew small and also very large quantities of beer yourself as required. Unlike the beer sets from the discounters, your set already contains a large fermentation bucket with drainage device, a brewing paddle, a professional mash thermometer and the appropriate cleaning agents. A complete set of brewing instructions is included with all of our beer brewing kits. You only need to buy hops, yeast and malt as required - and with our wide selection, there are no limits to what you can buy.

Which brewing kit is the best?

It's impossible to make a general statement about which brewing kit is the best. It depends on the hobby brewer, the budget and the amount of beer to be brewed. According to our beer brewing set test for hobby brewers, the Medium brewing set is particularly popular as a starter set. The accessories are more extensive than almost any other for a beer brewing set for starters. In addition to the beer brewing set SMALL, with which you can already immediately brew yourself, the set contains:

  • a large lauter screen
  • an original beer spindle
  • a stand cylinder for the mash thermometer
  • original lauter cloth and iodine for disinfection

By far the most popular brewing set among experienced hobby brewers is the XXL beer brewing set.

Here is really everything you need as a brewmaster for your own home beer: A high-quality brewing system made of stainless steel including lauter attachment and complete accessories. 

In addition to the large brewing kettle (2000 W for 20 liters of beer) made of stainless steel with outlet tap, the set includes fermentation tubes, beer spindle for measuring the original wort, a cylinder for the beer spindle, a hop sack, an original brewing paddle, a mash thermometer, a lauter cloth, three complete bottle sets, crown caps, a beer brewing book, the matching measuring cups, a large lauter attachment, brewing instructions, all ingredients for your first own beer and much more. Click here for the XXL beer brewing set.

What is the shelf life of the brewing kit?

The beer brewing sets from Gastro Brennecke are also suitable for professional brewing of beer. So they are very high quality and stable. Usually a brewing set lasts for many years to decades. If something new has to be bought, then it is usually further accessories and ingredients such as mash mixtures and different types of hops according to taste (also for Craft Beer) and of course brewer's yeast. 

What types of brewing kits are there?

From the starter set for beginners to the large beer brewing set for professionals: There are no limits for the hobby brewer when it comes to choosing the right beer brewing set. Here you will find a wide variety of brewing sets, right up to professional brewing equipment. However, this is not so much intended for hobby brewers, but for commercial brewmasters. Recipe management here is automated via a touch display. A function for softening the brewing water is integrated, as are programmable alarm functions for hop additions, wort cooling and when the optimum egg mixture temperature is reached. The brewing system is already a complete small brewery for the catering industry.

For hobby brewers - also for the professional hobby brewers - the brewing sets are particularly suitable:

In addition to a complete set of ingredients for your own beer, such as hops, malt and yeast, the sets contain all the equipment for home brewing. 

The XXL brewing set has become an insider's tip among the brewing sets. The discerning hobby brewer will find everything he needs for his home brewery. On top three complete bottle sets including crown corks and crown cork closure device. The brewing kettle made of high-quality stainless steel is even suitable for the small commercial brewery. Beer spindle, brewing paddle and lauter attachment? That and more are included. Turn your home kitchen into a brewing cellar.

You are a beginner or want to try brewing your own beer for the first time? Then the SMALL or MEDIUM brewing set is the perfect choice. For both sets you can buy elements according to your taste. A mash mix of your favorite beer is included in the price. No matter whether you prefer Pils, the Hobbybrauer Dunkel, a top-fermented Helles or a spicy Pale Ale. And your own recipes? They're no problem with the brew kits. Extras like fermentation buckets, mash thermometers and brewing instructions are always included. And so much more, just take a look at our sets.

The SMALL and MEDIUM beer brewing sets are also appreciated and original as gifts for beer drinkers, beer fans or hobby winemakers.


Is there a non-alcoholic beer brewing kit?

You can brew non-alcoholic beer with any brewing kit. Whether your beer contains alcohol depends only on the ingredients. Alcohol-free beer is more and more often home-brewed. Especially athletes prefer to brew beer without alcohol, because it is tangy, not sweet and isotonic. To brew alcohol-free beer, fermentation must be stopped. This prevents too much alcohol from being produced. A typical non-alcoholic beer is malt beer. This is fermented for only a very short time. Breweries work here with special yeasts that ferment alcohol only up to 0.4% by volume. Technical methods such as vacuum retification are also suitable for removing the alcohol that has already been produced. However, these options are reserved for professional breweries. 

For hobby brewers, it is somewhat more difficult to produce alcohol-free beer - they simply do not have the technical possibilities. Besides malt beer, which is still relatively easy to brew yourself, you can try a mash batch starting at 72 degrees. This way, only a little sugar is produced - as a result, less alcohol is produced.

Is there a beer brewing kit with bottles?

Strictly speaking, the beer brewing set XXL is already a small hobby brewery. This complete package contains, among other things, three sets of 12 beer bottles each, crown corks and a crown cork capping device. All you have to do now is design and print out your own label - and you're ready to start brewing your private label and bottling.

Is there a beer brewing kit with keg

In addition to beer brewing kits that include all the accessories for the brewing process, there are reusable stainless steel beer kegs. Called kegs, they are perfect for small and larger brews when you want to store your home-brewed beer. Our kegs can be connected to any professional beer tapping system, making them the perfect kegs for any occasion. The professional beer kegs can be optimally cleaned and refilled as desired - even with a different type of beer. Such a barrel belongs absolutely to the equipment of every hobby brewer. The barrels can be purchased as needed in addition to any beer brewing set. If you store large quantities and often brew beer for parties, family celebrations or bachelor parties, then a complete tap set makes sense - here the tap, the CO2 bottle and all connections are included. Even if you brew on a small scale for your catering business, a tap set in addition to the brew set can be just what you need.